Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Weakness

Dear God..
I always believe Your plan in my life..
I always believe Your plan is a good plan..

Dear God..
Now,, I feels so down and it's hard for us to face it
But,, I'm still believe in Your guidance

Dear God..
When I run and hide from this test.. I felt that I'm a loser..
But, I believe that You've always known me better than others

Dear God..
Now,,I need Your Guidance and Your help..
I believe that You always beside me..

Dear God..
I always tried to be thankful and patient..
But,sometimes I feels that it's unfair for us.. Why it's happens to us??

Dear God..
I believe it's only way that we must be strong and patient.. After that, Life more beautiful than before..
Absolutely,,there's always happiness after sadness..

Dear God..
I trust You..please guide and protect us..
Allah always beside us..

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