Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday : Bali Mandara Toll Road

Bali Mandara Toll Road or Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Benoa Toll Road is newest Toll Road in Bali. This toll road was officially opened on 23 September 2013 by President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. I think it's unique toll roads, because the toll roads was built over water.

Bali causeway Bridge is more length than Suramadu cable-stayed Bridge (another bridge in Madura). This toll road is a tolled causeway bridge 12.7 km in length, whereas Suramadu Bridge 5.4 km in length.

Bali Mandara Toll Roads allows motorcycles to pass by. This toll roads have speed limits, cars speed allows from 60 to 80 km/hours and motorcycles speed allows from 20-40 km/hours.

In December 2013, I've been passed this toll road when holiday in Bali. When I passed this toll road, I've seen beautiful views. The sunset over water like I've seen sunset in Beach.

So, Have you been pass this toll road?

Nusa Dua toll gate

Landscape view

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  1. Thanks for sharing, and I have never been pass the road. Someday, maybe hehe

  2. Cant wait to drive through that highway.. Btw wordless wednesday means not so many words... Ur posting have too many words hehehe... :-P

    1. Thanks for correction, Mak.

      Next posting must be truly wordless.

  3. lovely was short of a bonus to have lovely view while you're driving...happy Wednesdaay...

  4. Wow keren. Moga2 jadi ke Bali sama Jelajah Kuliner ya, biar bisa lihat

  5. Pengen banget bisa jalan di tol ini gegara lihat acara di Metro TV di mana salah satu insinyurnya speechless nangis saking nggak bisa mengungkapkan dengan kata2 perjuangan membangun Bali Mandara :D

    1. wah, aku malah belom nonton acaranya, Mbak.

      cari yutub ah.

      Makasih kunjugannya, Mbak ^^

  6. jadi kangen bali, udah lama ngga kesonohh

  7. Jadi pengeeennnnn !!!! huhuhuhuhu

  8. I wish someday i pass this toll road


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