Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday : Happy Eid Mubarak

Never too late to say:
 "Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H"
 This is my family activities before and during Eid Mubarak/Lebaran.

Arfan & Ayndut made meatball

Welfie after Eid prayer

Welfie at Uti Home

Riding a bicycle at Auntie Endri home's

Buy bicycle at Pasar Rumput
He buy bicycle with his own  money
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  1. Arfan bantuin bikin baso sambil bantuin negmil basonya juga kayaknya, ya hihi

  2. Mandiri ya, Mba. Pasti uang angpao lebaran ya.

    Met sepedaan. :D

  3. itu kucingnya ngiler ya Mak, waktu Arfan sama bapaknya bikin bakso.. :)
    Baksonya emang bikin ngiler sih...

    1. bukan ngiler lagi, Mak. Tapi udah mau nyicip, hehe


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